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John Jenkins’ Smalltown Revival, a Two-Man Trio Show, Two guys, close your eyes it’s a band. Roots, Rock, Blues, Funk, Folk … SMALLTOWN REVIVAL. Rooted in the heart of smalltown life and based in Golden B.C, with John Jenkins on vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, kick drum, foot snare and hi – hat , and Jackson Baker on bass and vocals.

John Jenkins has worked massively over a 14 year career to hone his craft while telling his stories of life, love and toil in BC’s Rockies, and his countless tours, albums and accolades are the shining examples of his labour in those artistic avenues. John Jenkins will be a shining musical legacy for the BC interior and province as a whole. His music holds merit, and speaks volumes of the BC interior and the Golden area, and is deeply rooted in the good natured sentiments of the average Canadian.



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September 18, 2017

New video of ‘THE BEAT’

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