John Jenkins Smalltown Revival


Smalltown Revival – Revived (2015-Now)

Jackson Baker and I took off where Gord and I left off.  We dug deep into the new sound and began writing together and working hard on vocal harmonies.  Fat bass lines and souring harmonies come naturally and easily for Jackson his commitment to the tunes and the vision led[…]

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Two-Man Trio (2014-2015)

I met Gord Light at the Sunday Howl at the Wolf’s Den.  I knew right away that our time together was going to be a short but meaningful period in my musical journey.  I had not stopped writing; in fact I had a lot of new tunes with new flavour,[…]

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Solo-One Man Band (2012-2014)

A time of transition. From touring band, to soon to be dad, to one man band.  The most intense period of contemplation…should I keep going…can I keep going?  Working at night makes sense as a parent but can I do this alone?? Solo Train Rollin’

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Smalltown Revival – The Early Years (2009-2011)

Smalltown Revival was born as a musical and political dream.  The band could potentially involve as many or as few performers as were available, and help solve the seemingly endless revolving door of musicians and therefore band names.  Don Stenner had just moved on to other pursuits and the push[…]

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Swerving Gently (2007-2009)

Swerving Gently appears at first glance to have the essential elements of a folk rock trio; guitar, bass and drums with an eclectic collection of home spun mountain music. But beneath the surface lies a like mindedness and a desire for simplicity that pours out each time they take the[…]

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September 18, 2017

New video of ‘THE BEAT’

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